Murrindyarr-yaba Research Yarns

Tuesday, 13 December 2022 | 10am-1pm | Australian Centre on China in the World Building 188, Fellows Lane Canberra

This catered event concludes our Murrindyarr-yaba Seminar Series for 2022, during which members of our collective presented their ongoing research projects and reflected on their journeying as Indigenous early career researchers.

The panellists will include speakers from the seminar series:

  • Jen Mason (Wemba Wamba and Dhudhuroa Nations creative director and producer)
  • Ray Tobler (Aboriginal-European/Pakeha geneticist and evolutionary biologist)
  • Charles Radclyffe (Solomon Islands/I-Kiribati archaeologist)

They will reflect and yarn about their experiences and learnings while being a part of Murrindyarr-yaba.

We welcome yarning/open discussion from all attendees, however, on topics related to the theme of growing trans-Indigenous solidarity and decolonising university spaces.

Jen Mason, alongside invited Wemba Wamba Elders Gary Murray, Robert Nicholls, Cecily Atkinson and contributing collaborator Kooma man Brett Leavy, will also yarn about Wemba Wamba community and the collaborative research with ANU. This will include a preview of the ongoing creative project named Warreba NAIDOC VXR.

We would greatly appreciate your attendance to take part in our sharing of food, laughs, stories of challenges and victories and to continue to strengthen trans-Indigenous solidarity at ANU.

If you cannot attend the whole program, please pop by to meet our members and to share some food!

Register here.